Atsushi Kaneda

金田 篤士

Representative Director & Designer

董事長 & 設計師

IALD Professional member The Illuminating Engineering-Institute of Japan The reason why I funded WORKTECHT is because I had been working at a project management department for hotel projects since the late 80s. There I had the chance to work with interior designers and lighting designers from different countries. At that time, Japanese lighting designers were only used for light-up or facade light. For the interior lighting, people only used foreign lighting designers. Therefore I thought there will be a market for Japanese lighting designers in the future. Now our company is not only receiving offers from Japan but also many job requests from other countries. We also have offices in Hong Kong and Tanzania at the moment.

IALD專業會員, 日本照明學會會員. 於1994年成立照明諮詢設計公司WORKTECHT. 曾在飯店擔任規劃管理經理時, 與許多國際知名的建築師, 室內裝潢設計師, 照明設計師合作, 因而成為後來成立WORKTECHT的主因. 另外在80年代後半到90年代前半的這一段期間, 日本的照明設計仍以外觀設計為主流, 飯店的內部裝潢多半都是起用國外的設計師. 因此認定在未來的日本將會有國內照明設計師的市場出現, 這也是當時成立公司的另外一個原因. 目前, 除了日本國內的案件, WORKTECHT也參與許多外國的案子. 於2010年, 2014年先後在香港與非洲成立了分公司後, 更加拓寬了業務的發展及未來的可能性.


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