Anita Chang

張 佳雯

PR & ART Director


Anita wears many hats; she spends her private time as an artist while she is a professional coordinator, interpreter, translator and writer. She was recruited by Kaneda, the president of WORKTECHT, at a language school where she used to be a teacher. Her current role is PR and art director to support projects such as corporate branding or CI from lighting perspective. Her goal is to get the art business on track in the company. Anita will produce spaces that give both beauty and inner peace by integrating art and lighting with her experience in WORKTECHT.

私下擁有藝術家, 統籌企劃, 翻譯/口譯等身分的ANITA, 當時因為擔任教導負責人金田中文的原因而進入WORKTECHT&Co..目前是WORKTECHT&Co.的公關美術總監, 同時也負責與光相關企業的品牌CI設計與物件中的藝術企劃. 目前的目標是讓WORKTECHT&Co.的藝術新市場上軌道, 並用在WORKTECHT&Co所培養出的基礎, 在日後能夠結合藝術與燈光, 創造出富有美感的療癒空間.


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