Anita Chang

張 佳雯

PR & ART Direct

公關 & 美術 總監

Anita Chang is a Tokyo-based Taiwanese artist, and joined WORKTECHT Lighting Design Corporation since 2013. In 2003, she graduated from AUT (Auckland University of Technology) in Japanese Studies. Since then she has been focused on different cross-genre artworks & translation / interpreting related project. Carrying the background of art and translating/interpreting, Anita joined WORKTECHT as a role of PR. Comparing with her past experiences, working as part of corporation abroad her territory of life and also brought many new challenges to her. Anita’s most important duties in WORKTECHT is to build the connection between corporation, public, offices and teams, which requires strong producing and coordinating abilities that will affect her future cooperating art business with WORKTECHT.

本國籍為台灣的創作者, 2013年加入WORKTECHT. 2003年於紐西蘭理工大學日文系畢業. 之後一直在和藝術, 翻譯相關的領域中工作. 於2005年移住日本. 以藝術翻譯為背景, 成為WORKTECHT的一員, 展開人生的全新的一個章節. 對外主要負責各種宣傳企畫, 對內則以設計溝通管道為主. 協調力與企劃力為此職務不可或缺之關鍵要素. 同時, 對於WORKTECHT日後在藝術領域的發展也是不可缺少的能力之一.


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