Masahiro Osaki

尾崎 真弘



Masahiro Osaki used to study in Space Design at London Institute Central Saint Martins, UK, and MA in Engineering and Environmental Engineering of Ehime University, Japan. He has 7 year work experience as stage lighting designer & operator at Theater & Stage lighting industry field in Japan. He did join WORKTECHT in 2012 and is working with projects in Japan and Africa. Osaki believes that "Creating lighting atmosphere with sophisticated techniques and human harmony is very important. '' At the same time, he also would like to show people the importance of lighting in daily life. "

畢業於日本愛媛大學的環境工程學科之後, 於英國中央聖馬汀大學進修空間設計. 曾在舞台照明設計領域有七年的工作經驗後, 於2012年加入了WORKTECHT. 目前, 主要參與非洲與日本的案件. 對於照明設計, 他認為最令人著迷的地方是, 如何使用無形的光來表現無法用肉眼看見的感覺與文化. 因此相信有效的讓空間與燈光達到平衡的美感是使方案成功的關鍵之一.


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