Naoko Miyazaki

宮崎 直子

Office Coordinator


My father works for a travel agency and my mother has been involved in costume design and drawing, therefore I have been interested in foreign cultures and art since I was a child. When I was in the university, I decided to choose oil painting as my major. Since then I was deeply influenced by abstract painters. The ways that the abstractionism expresses the light by black and white or vivid colors, such as yellow, blue or others, made me moved. After the graduation, I am focusing on parenting, but I have participated in accounting and management in various industries, such as Event Planning, Taxation Studio, and government-led international communication promotion department. Before join Worktecht, I was working in a real estate investment development company. I felt that the vale of real estate depends on not only the number of the years and the location, but also the design.

我的父親在旅行社工作, 母親一直都在參予服裝設計繪圖, 因為這樣從小就對國外事物與美術很有興趣. 大學主修了油畫. 深深受到了抽象派畫家用不同的手法來表現光的影響. 無論是用黑白來做漸層, 或者是用黃色, 藍色等豐富的顏料來表現, 都讓我十分的欽佩與感動. 畢業之後專心於養育, 曾在各個不同的領域, 像是活動企劃, 稅務師工作室, 政府所主導的國際交流推廣部門等地方, 經歷參與了不同的經理事務工作. 之後, 在不動產投資開發公司擔任了有關於不動產的估價事務之後, 選擇了在Worktecht就職. 不動產的價值不只取決於年數與地段, 設計也是非常重要的評估指標.


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