Sumire Sakuma


Lighting Designer


After developing her career in the manufacturing industry in the UK, Sakuma decided to become a member of WORKTECHT, fascinated by the their works and cultural diversity in the workplace. She is currently supporting projects as a lighting designer for lighting planning and concept development. "The light mesmerizes me whenever I see intangible shapes emerging out of it." Sakuma highly appreciates the role of light to evoke emotions and even transform the atmosphere of a space. Her motto is "Fall down seven times, get up eight.". Sakuma perceives any challenges as something fresh in the industry new to her. She always confronts any barriers and keeps improving her skill to express herself better and to become a strong coordinator.

曾在英國的廠商工作過的Sakuma加入WORKTECHT & Co.是因為對工作環境以及設計案件感到有興趣. 目前她的工作主要是負責整理統合各個案件的資料, 同時幫忙統整照明設計計畫與概念的提案. 她認照明設計的魅力在於使用沒有形體的光來做設計本身. 雖無形體但光卻有著力量去改變空間的氣氛並影響人類的感情. 對於工作的態度, 她秉持的不畏挑戰與失敗, 總是保持樂觀正面的態度去迎接各種不同的課題. 無論遇到何種難題, 她都希望能夠在當中學習成長, 讓自己的統合表現能力更上層樓.


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