Yoshihide Kurose

黑瀨 俊英

Design Director


After studying architecture, Kurose was fascinated by the domain of lighting design which turns a same light differently viewed depending on races, genders, ages of viewers, as well as weather, temperature, and humidity, and with this reason he joined WORKTECHT. Being in charge of business management and lighting design, he builds up designs exchanging opinions with frontline professionals. "The architecture is the outline, the interior is the parts, and the lighting is the make-up.". With this concept, as women can change how they look with a simple makeup, wherever their beauty comes from, the interesting part of lighting design is to garner immense praise depending on how you put on makeup or light. Yoshihide will continue to think how lighting should be to draw more people.

學生時代主修建築, 之後發現對於光的感覺, 看法會因為人種, 性別, 年齡, 天氣, 溫度和濕度等不同因素的影響有所不同, 對此感到十分有魅力, 進而決定就業於 WORKTECHT&Co. 現在除了負責設計之外, 同時也參予了經營與管理, 而有更多的機會與擁有決定權的專業人士交換意見之後進行照明設計. 黒瀬認為, 如果說建築所代表的是形狀輪廓, 室內便是內容, 照明便是化妝. 無論是多美的人, 也都會因為化妝的不同有不一樣的表情. 因為光設計而改變對建築整體的觀感與評價這一點, 讓他感到十分有魅力. 因此日後也會繼續思考關於創造吸引人的照明設計的方法.


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